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Build My FeedMill is a new concept introduced by Milling and Grain and VIV Worldwide under the CropTech-FeedTech brand. The first time it was presented was at VIV Asia 2017.

The concept aims to raise awareness that there are too few feedmills in low-economic and developing countries that are fit for purpose. The technological debt means that there is little chance of some countries reaching the international average for feed production of 133.6kg/per capita. That is the quantity of scientifically formulated diets prepared as compounds for domesticated animals, that will ensure a country can achieve food security for its population.

These can be imported or locally produced. In my view the latter is more sustainable and efficient providing employment while meeting growing demand for milk, meat, eggs and fish. To provide compounds locally you need the raw materials, the nutritionist, the formulation software and the machinery. But none of this can be successfully put to use unless there is a proper structure, built to accommodate the equipment required, the efficiency and production. Build my FeedMill is also being promoted by the new charity called Milling 4 Life.

Roger Gilbert - Publisher, Milling and Grain Magazine.